September 24, 2015

Desert Dweller

Photography taken by Kara Nixon

    Lately, the heat has been comparable to the desert. California is infamous for it's bipolar weather. We even had extreme rain for a day or two that was the highest recorded this year because of our extreme drought. The days are hot the nights are cool, which is where I got the idea for this look.
    For this desert dwellin' outfit, I threw on a light woven baja sweater that I had thrifted. My shorts were a great find from Savers! What I like about this camo short is it's unique pattern. My accessories were from a bunch of places I had collected, and I just combined them all together. The last part of the look are the ever so comfortable Birkenstock sandals in a Habana oiled finish.

Baja Hoodie- Thrifted
Accessories- H&M & Buffalo Exchange & Thrifted
Camo Short- Thrifted
Sandals- Birkenstock

Baja Hoodie- J. Crew $150
AEO Accessories- American Eagle prices vary
Paratrooper Short- Ralph Lauren $45
Habana Oiled Leather Arizona- Birkenstock $125

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September 10, 2015

Cool for the Summer

Photography taken by Kara Nixon

    It's September already! I had a super busy month this past August, which is why I haven't posted in the last two weeks. I had a couple of shoots and also was part of another campaign which I can't disclose just yet! I must say it is definitely not fall weather in California. The temperature is currently 100 degrees in Los Angeles!
    This look consists mostly of American Eagle Outfitters, which is one of my favorite brands. The reason is not just because I modeled for them, but they have the best garments for California style. Their motto is "LIVE YOUR LIFE," which is exactly what I am trying to do with these last few lingering days of summer. I paired this rad gradient button up over one of their graphic tees. My wrist accessories are also AEO style, and one of them I actually made on set in their studio headquarters in Pittsburgh. My prep chino shorts are from H&M and cream sneakers are from Old Navy. Stay cool y'all!

AEO Colorblock Oxford Shirt- TJ Maxx
AEO Graphic Tee- TJ Maxx
AEO Accessories- TJ Maxx
Olive Shorts- H&M
Cream Sneakers- Old Navy

AEO Colorblock Oxford Shirt- American Eagle $30
Graphic Tees- American Eagle prices vary
AEO Accessories- American Eagle prices vary
AEO Prep Shorts- American Eagle $40
Chuck Taylor All Star Washed Canvas- Converse $45

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August 19, 2015

Express Yourself

Photography taken by Kara Nixon

    Beach days are extended because a heat wave hit us this past week. Being a proud beach bum, I've decided to style my #ExpressMen outfit with a Southern California touch. For this look, I kept the color palette washed out because of the pastel colors from my button up and the heavy fading on my Alec denim. The distressed detail and sand colored wash complimented my beach vibe, which allowed me to keep everything relaxed with the styling. I unbuttoned the top two buttons of my mixed stripe short sleeve and untucked one side of the shirt. My accessories included a pooka shell bracelet and a layering of two necklaces. To complete the outfit, I threw on a baseball cap and wore suede Guess shoes.

Destroyed Skinny Alec Jean- Express Collaboration
Mixed Stripe Short Sleeve Shirt- Express Collaboration
Baseball Hat- Target
Braided Leather Belt- H&M
Guess Shoes- Thrifted

Destroyed Skinny Alec Jean- Express $88
Mixed Stripe Short Sleeve Shirt- Express $30
Baseball Hat- Target $13
Braided Leather Belt- H&M $25
'Willet' Nubuck Plain Toe Derby- Nordstrom $268

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August 13, 2015


Photography taken by Kara Nixon

    Summer lasts a little longer in California, which I don't mind at all. For this summer limbo, I've decided to black out my outift to keep my color palette neutral from any season. I totally dig Steve Madden's AIDEN because of their comfortability and versatility. The buckles of these sandals are a stunning accent, and is the perfect pairing for silver accessories. Whether you are strolling by the infamous #MADEinLA wall in trendy Melrose, or wearing these sandals casually by the beach, the AIDEN's keep you cool while lookin' cool.

Steve Madden AIDEN- Feature Collaboration
Calvin Klein Cutoff- Calvin Klein Sale
Louis Vuitton Pendant Necklace- owned
Black Felt Fedora- Target
Leather Joggers- Pacsun

AIDEN- Steve Madden $40
Topman Muscle T-Shirt- Nordstrom $20
Empreint Pendant- Louis Vuitton $2,010
Felt Fedora- ASOS $33
Jogging Trousers- Zara $79
Dior Composit 1.0- Dior $386

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