August 20, 2017

Coolin' en Playa ParaĆ­so

Photography taken by Jenn Santos

    Hola Amigos! This is my first post from my vacation in Mexico. The first location I visited was Playa Paraiso in Tulum, Quintana Roo. The name translates to "paradise beach' and the name certainly speaks for itself. The scenery was super serene and beautiful. The shores were covered in miles of white sand and palm trees and the water was blue and crystal clear.
    For a couple of these next style posts I wanted to bring some brands that I have worked with a while back, but never got around to featuring them on Seamed Right. Their clothing was pretty specific for summer and I thought what better way to showcase them in Mexico. My tank is from Matiere Collection. Matiere is a brand I absolutely dig. Their clothing is mad different from what is out there and they are based out of Newport, which makes that more of a plus because I am an OC native. I paired their tank with these palm printed shorts from H&M. I was definitely going for a beachy leisure vibe using cool tones and summer prints. My sunnies are from RAEN Optics. I must say, these are one of my favorite pairs of sunglasses. The handcrafted detail stones in the frame are eye-catching and are truly one of a kind. Hasta luego for now!

courtesy of locogringo

Tank Top- Matiere Collaboration
Palm Shorts- H&M
Fairbank Round Sunglasses- RAEN Collaboration

Tank Top- Matiere prices vary
Palm Shorts H&M- H&M prices vary
Fairbank Round Sunglasses- RAEN prices vary

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July 26, 2017

If I Toured The World

Photography taken by Jenn Santos

    "Is that a world tour or your girl's tour?" How could I not start this post with that lyric? Ha! If I ever went on tour, I'd be rockin' fits like these! This looks focus was on the handcrafted details. I snagged this rad leather jacket in Urban Outfitters' sale section. The custom painted design and worn details caught my attention. It was an interesting piece of art, and for this look I built my attire off of those aspects. My Led Zeppelin shirt was from Crossroads, not only was it vintage, but the previous owner left it with some rad distressed tears. These Topman boots were sent to me for a previous collaboration with the brand, and have been a fave pair of mine ever since. The worn in feel from the stained leather and scuffed markings give it such character. To finish rockin' out this look, I accessorized with metal accents: septum nose ring, silver vintage rings, and a belt chain.

Hand-painted Biker Jacket- Urban Outfitters Sale
Brown Cotton T-shirt- H&M
Distressed Led Zeppelin Tee- Thrifted
Destressed Black Jeans- Topman Collaboration
Tan Leather Buckle Boots- Topman Collaboration

Hand-painted Biker Jacket- Gucci $7,450
Camel Cotton T-shirt- H&M $7
Led Zeppelin T-shirt- Led Zeppelin $19.95
Black Stretch Slim Ripped Jeans- Topman $75
Tan Leather Buckle Boots- Topman $110

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July 7, 2017


Photography taken by Jenn Santos

    What is good, readers?! Are y'all still there? I am back from a major, but much needed hiatus. To be honest, I didn't know if I was going to style post again. I found new passions that I have been focusing on, but that refreshened me to create through all my artistic outlets. I am back, I am better, and I am more inspired than ever to start sharing my style with y'all. What INKLEINED ;) me to post were these pieces from Calvin Klein. Thank you Calvin for sparking that fire inside me again.
    With this head-to-toe Calvin Klein outfit, you can see how the brand continulously seeks to thrill and inspire their audience. I am a victim to that because their bold and minimalistic aesthetic is what ignited my inspiration to blog post this look. The bold contrast of color blocking and texture of materials is perfection. I am all about details and the subtleness that Calvin Klein entails makes them live up to their motto: Provacatice. Modern. Sensual. Iconic.

Twitter: @CalvinKlein
Instagram: @CalvinKlein

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August 2, 2016

New Neutrals

Photography taken by Britt Elexandria

    As an admirer of Topman , it has been a honor to collaborate with them. Being one of the biggest men's brand out there, I want to thank the team for believing in my style. I am truly humbled! When choosing what pieces to feature, I came across their "stone" palette, which I totally dig. Neutral tones are always a go to for Spring/Summer.
    This "stone" color is probably the most common out of the neutral shades, and can be tricky when trying to pull of a monochromatic look. To successfully look stylish, choose a staple piece and build off of it. I chose Topman's lightweight bomber jacket, and then added depth with accents of texture and contrasting fabric. Mixing cotton, polyester, and suede made this predominantly beige ensemble subtle yet captivating. That new neu!

Stone Lightweight Bomber Jacket- Topman Collaboration
Stone Cali Print Cut-Off- Topman Collaboration
Stone Ultra Skinny Pant- Topman Collaboration
Tan Leather Buckle Boots- Topman Collaboration

Stone Lightweight Bomber Jacket- Topman $120
Stone Cali Print Cut-Off- Topman $35
Stone Ultra Skinny Pant- Topman $50
Tan Leather Buckle Boots- Topman $110

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